Monday, June 2, 2008

Dressing tool holder

Mcgvyer posted on the HSM forum about his tool to hold a dressing tool on the grinder:

the known uses, to me anyway, for taper threads went up 50% with this project. Buffing wheel arbors, pipe threads and my tapered thread collect contraption!

been sharpening a lot of end mills lately and have been frustrated at the frequent dressing required AND having to take the end mill out of the holder and mount the wheel dresser.

I wanted a quick, no wrenches way to mount the dresser without altering the set up.

Base plate gets bolted to the table with a short stub, not too many turns to thread the column on. at first the column had a T bolt but it was tough on the table, scratching it each time it was taken on and off because there is inevitably grit between the two. The column screws onto the base plate, knurled ring fits the key way and used to tighten, then drops out of the way. that idea works OK, handy but probably not worth the extra effort, larger OD with knurling near the base would have sufficed

the head that holds the dresser has a taper cut thread and is bored and slit like a collet. tighten up the collar and it looks into place. pretty simple, but works well.

The threaded part, the head I'll call gets clamped via the collet action on the column. Aside from the easy on/off the collet gives, it lets you quickly install it at whatever height you want and pointing in any direction, you just put it at what ever height/direction you want and tighten the ring. feed and doc of the diamond is via the table's control x/y. here's a shot with a little more perspective, you can see the air spindle to the right.